Wednesday, May 29

isn't it ironic how we buy shit food and eat shit food just to make us feel less shit when we feel shit but all it ever does is make us feel more shit and look shit which overall turns us into absolute insufferable complete shits. i've gone sixty days/~two months no shit food. shit food being anything other than organic fruits vegetables nuts and seeds in their natural raw uncooked state. no refined sugar, refined salt, refined carbs, refined oils, transfats, artificial flavourings, additives, animals or animal by-products, etc etc. basically anything with a face and a mother, anything man-made, anything wrapped in plastic or with texture resembling plastic- none of that. i can honestly say that this is the furthest away from shit that i have ever felt since being conscious of living.



Anonymous said...

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Jade | JadeFungBlog said...

The wisest words I've ever read on shit. And absolute inspiration to start being healthy (for the twentieth time). So getting my blender and juicer out!!
Also wow, get on that xerox printer ^^^

Jade | JadeFungBlog