Saturday, May 25

so i have a friend who was verging on complete physical mental social breakdown purely because her phone had died. i don't understand emotional attachment to objects. replaceable items- unsustainable joy. objects don't make you happy. new objects do. understandably because you're human and humans are curious to all things new and shiny. but new objects get old. initial happiness- gone. you just end up buying more and more new shit that becomes old shit which you can't throw away because you're so god damn attached- to an object.
i advocate clearing shit out on a regular basis. to charity or another person. whatever whoever, just detach yourself from everything. objects have no value. your phone is not your life. if it is then please reevaluate. cause when you're not holding onto the old, you're more receptive to the new and that's basically what we crave in the first place.


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