Sunday, June 9

primark crop top, topshop jeans, vintage bag.
things don't always happen for a reason. we just like to make reason for everything that happens. the truth is that things happen, and some of the things that happen do not derive from any reason. but we don't believe that this could happen and we can't accept that there is no purpose. so when something we expect to happen does not happen, we reason it with a reason. but to be honest, if something doesn't happen, then it's because you didn't let it happen. because everything always happens. reason or no reason- things will happen. no matter what. nothing is infinite and we should make the most of everything that could should and would happen if we let it.



kylie said...

girl you look so slim!!! i wish i could pull that outfit off. i'd just look like a penguin or something haha

Thi Lan said...

such a nice outfit *_*