Wednesday, May 22

riverisland shirt, newlook parka, topshop shorts, primark sandals. 
more often than not its the ones that know right from wrong who find it hardest to be good. for example. i know i should revise. revising is useful/helpful/advised and i should probably do so. however, suns out so fuck it.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your DOPE; Love your posts and ya outfit!
I should be revisin' too LOLZ good luck with ya exams.


kylie said...

i should be revising too! haha.
love your outfit :)


thanks loves. get revising both of you! x

Jade | JadeFungBlog said...

Seriously good luck with revision and exams, Lucy! All my friends are going through the same atm and it's crazy seeing how stressed some of them are. Looking good as always, your figure is actual inspiration.