Saturday, March 16

weird to know people still come and read the shit i have to say. nothing interesting here. go save yourselves. 
what have i done today though. well i woke up (which was a good start), did work, had an egg. then prawn crackers. then another egg. more prawncrackers- only with houmous this time. got dressed, went to sportsdirect- which can i just say, is always an experience. how many uneducated people do we realistically need in this life. anyways. went to gym, went on treadmill, died, got off, stretched, skipped weights (cos whats point when i have beansprouts for arms like they're really just extensions of uselessness). went home and now i'm sat here. doing work again. eating prawncrackers- again. Again.



Angel In This Dress said...

No saving requested - I love your posts :) x x

P.S you can NEVER eat too many prawn crackers!

Kirsty said...

oh my gad. your back. Where have you been Lucy?

Angel In This Dress said...

I meant **required

Jeez... I was clearly very sleepified last night

rosedl said...


Rosa said...

OH SHIT! So effing glad you're back! I haven't been to the gym in about 8 months, I envy you. My thighs are like lime jelly - coz that's the least attractive kind obviously. I like your thighs and I'm glad you're back. xx

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